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Found this via sinistera

How to opt out of a search engine that collects public information about you on the web.

Just a note: It looks like the names and phone numbers only apply to US residents, but all email addresses are fair game.

[translation] Miura Haruma's Birthday Date (Junon April 2010)
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A while ago yuliyudo posted scans from Junon and someone requested translations so... here we are. :P

My Japanese skills aren't the greatest (I'm still learning!) so I apologize for any mistakes or awkwardly phrased translations---never mind the connotations that can't be translated into English, haha. Anyway, feel free to correct any mistakes you see, and I hope you enjoy! =)

Miura Haruma's Birthday DateCollapse )

Photos: Big White, Kelowna, BC
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Photos from our snowboarding trip, Dec. 28 2008 - Jan. 2 2009. At Big White, in Kelowna, BC. :)

WARNING: lots of pics!Collapse )

I want to visit Kelowna some time in the summer. I'm sure it'll look gorgeous at that time as well. :)
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Death Note [drabble] - L is For...
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OMG. I'm posting a drabble. I haven't written anything in like... 2 years, haha.

Title: L is for...
Fandom: Death Note
Word Count: 194
Warnings: Crack?
Notes: I woke up with this idea---it was originally an idea for a 4 panel comic but I decided to just turn it into a drabble instead. I hope it isn't too... stupid. :D (Oh! And uh... I still haven't kicked the habit of calling Light "Raito" hahah.)

L is For...Collapse )

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Fanart50 | Gokusen | 39 - that's a new smell
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Title: That's New
Fandom: Gokusen
Character(s): Shin & Fuji
Prompt: 39. that's a new smell
Rating: S for Stupid G
Link: 2/50

*sniff sniff*Collapse )

Fanart50 | Gokusen | 01 - don't look
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Title: There's No Need To Be Shy
Fandom: Gokusen
Character(s): Shin & Yankumi
Prompt: 01. don't look
Rating: G
Link: 1/50
Notes: Hm, well, I've been wanting to do an art prompt table for a while now and since the school year's over, now's a good time to get started. :D After hem-ing and haw-ing I decided to go with Gokusen. How big is the Gokusen fandom anyway? I haven't exactly searched for Gokusen related stuff... XD;

Btw, I'll be going with the Manga/anime-verse, not the drama. Hahaha

There's No Need To Be Shy!Collapse )

Fanart50 | Gokusen | Prompt Table
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Prompt TableCollapse )

Music pimpage. =)
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Recently bought this CD and thought I'd share--since I already uploaded David Usher's solos before, why not pimp out his old stuff? =P

MOIST - silver
01. push
02. believe me
03. kill for you
04. silver
05. freaky be beautiful
06. break her down
07. into everything
08. picture elvis
09. machine punch through
10. this shrieking love
11. low low low

Red Seas Under Red Skies by Scott Lynch
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Book two from The Gentlemen Bastard Sequence!

Sequel to The Lies of Locke Lamora, in which I squeed about in this post.

Anyway! I can't say anything else that will ruin it (because I want to ramble about specifics in the book!) so I'll just stick with "!!!" XD; It was another very very very satisfying read. =)

Ahhhh~ I can't wait for the next book. T___T *attempts to send telepathic signals to Scott Lynch to write faster*